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The quality of the Colomba Baj

The Easter Colomba is a recent discovery, dating back to the 1930’s, when the company Motta decided to make an Easter cake that could repeat the commercial success of the panettone.

Colombas are therefore “newcomers” in the confectionery business, but managed to create their own success story.

Colombas have the same pastry as panettones, with an addition of candied orange peel, and are topped with pearl sugar and almonds.

The Colomba Baj, just like the Panettone Baj, is manufactured according to the highest quality levels, using only the finest ingredients, among which a hundred- year-old mother dough and is subjected to a long production process.

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The image of the Colomba Baj has been realized by Laura Marelli based on a vintage aerial photograph. One can see the Confetteria Baj, on the corner of the Piazza del Duomo and Via Santa Radegonda, and the chimney of the nearby power station.

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