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The Panettone Baj is back

After two and a half centuries and a time of “rest”, an iconic brand of the classical Milanese cake is back.

A 250-year-old recipe forms the basis for the excellence of the Panettone Baj, combining outstanding mother dough and ingredients of the highest quality with exceptional craftsmanship. The “mother” is 100 years old and has been meticulously kept for generations of pastry chefs. It is constantly improved and nurtured with the best care.

The Panettone Baj undergoes a slow kneading process and only after the right amount of rest it is ready to be baked in the oven at a low temperature.

The result is a natural and fluffy panettone that maintains both perfume and taste of its exceptional ingredients for a long time, without adding any preservatives or chemical additives.

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See Special packaging for ceremonies in silk scarves, with handmade printed plant leaves.

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The “cuts”

Traditionally, before baking the panettone in the oven, the pastry cheff makes two cuts into the dough in order to obtain four “winglets” popping up from the dome after baking.

The Panettone Baj consists of three cuts, a clear reference to the shape of the rose window of the Milan Cathedral.

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