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The Baj Panettone throughout history

In the second half of the 19th century, the Baj family’s confectionery business consisted in producing confectionery and chocolate as well as marketing desserts, wines and liqueur. What made the business famous all over the world however, was its panettone.

Panettone became the family’s trademark and was publicized in every catalogue or on promotional products; it appeared even on the metal boxes only containing confectionery.

Giuseppe Baj’s pavilion at the Milan International Exposition in 1887.

For several decades, the Baj Panettone was considered the best of Milan, as officially certified by several medals and prizes. It won for instance the first prize at the Milan International Expositions both in 1881 and in 1887.

2 kg Panettone packaging dating back to the late 1800’s. Both logo as ornaments are adopted for the 2016 panettone packaging.

As how old the confectionery production of the family Baj actually is, can be deducted from a number of documents in the heir’s possession, which trace the start of their activity back to 1768.

There is an old slogan, quoted in several pubblications, resounding among the Milanese population beteween 1800 and 1900, which says “Quando a Milano non vi era ancora il tramvaj già si gustava il Panettone Baj” (“Before the arrival of the tramway in Milan, one could already taste the Baj Panettone”).

In those days, people consumed panettones the whole year round. For that purpose, the Baj Panettone ads pointed out that “The Baj pastry and confectionery shop offers its Milanese speciality, the panettone, fresh and at disposal.
Giuseppe Baj, who had offices in Genova and Switzerland, regularly dispatched his panettones all over Europe, in Russia, the United States and even in Australia.

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